Two things to remember when selling your house

It is hard to predict what the housing market will do with accuracy due to all of the economic and political factors affecting it. You might end up waiting months or years for something to change, and even then it may not be in your favour. However, when selling (or buying) a home one should […]

Watch out for online scams

The internet is rife with scam artists and most people are aware of this, but that just drives the fraudsters to get more creative with their deceptions. FNB recently issued a warning to clients about an email-based scam doing the rounds that tricks people into giving up their banking information. And they’re not the only […]

Soup’s Up!

Winter is the perfect time for soups, they are jam-packed with vitamins to help you fight against the flu, the ingredients are basic, it’s affordable (you can use cheaper cuts of meat – for example), you can keep it for ages if frozen and… it’s warm! Warm, hearty foods on a cold day both comfort […]

Father’s Day Ideas

Fathers can be difficult to shop for, if they were easy to shop for then maybe they wouldn’t have so many ties. Now you might be thinking that this is another article telling you how to skimp on a present – it isn’t. Instead, I want you to think about how you can add value […]

Common financial mistakes in your thirties

Saving in your thirties becomes increasingly difficult as your financial responsibilities increase. However, sound financial decisions during this phase of life can have profound benefits at a later stage. Here are some common financial mistakes to avoid: The first is failing to draw up a budget. A proper budget is the starting point of all […]

Cards for kids | Teaching your child to manage a credit card

Basic financial learning curves are best learnt early in life, they will benefit you in your youth as well as in the future. Managing debt is one such important learning curve and a credit card is a transactional tool through which this experience can be gained. The sooner you teach your children to be disciplined […]

Thistle save you a buck

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I thought I would write a piece about the proper procurement of flowers. What to look for and how to get the best bouquet for your buck.Starting with the obvious, if you are buying flowers for someone special then it’s best to know either their favourite kind of flowers […]

Another 5 Financial Reflections for 2016

Looking forward to another year of financial success means embracing monetary mistakes of the past. More importantly, you need to be honest with yourself about where you currently are and where you want to be.Here are another 5 Financial Reflections from 2015, for 2016:Don’t let yourself be pressured into buying designer goods Branding is such […]

5 Financial Reflections for 2016

It’s that familiar time of year when you envision a “new you” and foster a compelling motivation for self-improvement. However, the year always seems to form into an uphill race and once you return to the daily grind it becomes easier to allow yourself to slip-up in your devotions.Reflecting on areas where you have encountered […]

Crafty Gift Ideas

When it comes to gifts they say it’s the thought that counts. While it’s great to receive the latest gadget that you’ve been eyeing for a while, it won’t be nearly as heartfelt as a one-of-a-kind handmade gift.You can save money and creatively tackle your gift list this year with some crafty gift ideas. The […]